Friday, February 12, 2010

It was a lucky day for us all.......

when Cheri Hottinger accepted the job offer to
become the new President of the Licking County
Chamber of Commerce.

If you harken back to 2004, the Chamber was
not perceived as being very community friendly. There
is no question that the Chamber had a terrific history
of supporting Southgate Corporation as it successfully
brought new industry to the Newark Ohio Industrial
Park. A very good thing.

However, the Chamber's relationships with the other entities
and people interested in, and working toward, the over-all
health of our community were strained at best.

Cheri started as President in 2004 and brought with her
a complete change in tone and attitude. The Chamber of
Commerce, while still supporting all efforts at economic
development and community enhancement, has strived
under Cheri's leadership to increase the value of Chamber
membership for its members. The simplest and best
scorecard for that effort is that, in theface of some interesting
economic times, the Chamber membership has increased
from 490 when she started to 725 today.

People seem to understand the Value she has added
to the organization.

Last night, the Chamber of Commerce Executives of
Ohio made it official. Cheri was named their 2009
Professional of the Year. A well deserved honor.

Well done!

Cheri with Board Chair Kim Lust and Chair- elect Pat

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