Friday, March 26, 2010

Reasons why I like living in Newark and Licking County

Reason #11 : The Newark Public Library

My library card is one of my most prized possessions.

The first picture below shows the building at 5th and
Church that housed the library when I first moved to
Newark. Nice building certainly, but what you see is what
you get for parking.

Below is the picture of the new library at 5th and West Main.
Completed in 1999, the building contains more than 60,000
square feet of space and oodles of parking for employees and

The leadership of former library directory Wilma LePore
and former Board of Trustees chair Tim Bubb, made the
process from planning to site acquisition, to design, to
passage of the bond issue by the voters, to construction, to
grand opening a smooth success (Full disclosure: I was a
trustee 1998-2001).

This library counts about 330,000 patron visits per year.

One of the significant improvements of the new building is
its expansion and enhancement of computer/Internet access
for our community. Every time I'm there, those computers
are hard at work. Add the study rooms and the meeting
rooms that are available for community groups and you get
a pretty special facility.

As a community, we have the right to feel good about the
entire Licking County Library System. We can feel
especially proud of the Newark Library.

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  1. Last night about 7:30 we drove past the Library. The parking lot was packed, a good site to see.