Saturday, April 3, 2010

It is time to become remarkable....

I have become a fan of Seth Godin. You can see his blog
by clicking the link on my Blog List.

In his most recent book (a book well worth reading, by
the way) Linchpin, he writes:

"Thornton May correctly points out that we have reached
the end of what he calls attendance-based compensation
(ABC). There are fewer and fewer good jobs where you
can get paid merely for showing up. Instead,
successful organizations are paying people who make a
difference and are shedding everyone else."

I suspect that for the last hundred years our educational
system has been designed to teach us "to produce, to
conform, and to consume". The ability to show up and
follow directions was well rewarded. Those days appear
to be long gone. Change can be wrenching (although I am
not sure why. Seems like it has been constant for most of
my adult life), but if we do not embrace change and accept
the responsibility for the success of our own lives, change
will be done unto us.

Godin says, "If the game is designed for you to lose, don't
play the game. Play a different one."

It is time to become remarkable.

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