Thursday, April 1, 2010

Made in the USA!!!!!!!!!

I took the liberty of copying and pasting the following.
For the full story, go here.

"Consolidating Manufacturing Facilities From Abroad.

Manufacturing products overseas was once a sensible move
for US businesses, allowing them to take advantage of lower
costs without compromising quality. This has changed in
recent years. Quality is now questionable in some parts of
the world, leading many American consumers to prefer
products that are “Made in the USA.” Coupled with rising oil
and logistics prices and a closing wage gap in many foreign
countries, manufacturing abroad has become less attractive.
At the same time, the recovering economy, along with new
government incentives, have renewed interest in the US as
a manufacturing destination. As a result, many companies
have considered moving their facilities here in many cases,
consolidating them with existing US operations."

Thanks inGenics.

P.S. We have some buildings they can use.

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