Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More from Derrick Jensen...............

"One of the great failings of our culture is the nearly
universal belief that there can be anything universal."

"...I also sometimes liken writing to fishing. I can't take
out a club, start beating the water, and expect to catch
many fish. So I can't be too aggressive, try to force the
writing. But neither will I catch fish if I don't have my
line in the water. So I can't be too passive. I always
need to be attending to the work. When I got stuck
yesterday and did other things, I kept returning in my
mind to the place where I was stuck to see if there was
any movement, any sign of what I should do next.
All this is true, I believe not just of writing, but of many

"We are told that standardized testing must be imposed
to make sure students meet a set of standardized criteria
so they will later be able to fit into a world that is itself
increasingly standardized. Never are we asked, of course,
whether it's a good thing to standardize children (sorry,
I mean students), knowledge, or the larger world."

"We live in a culture that is based on the illusion- and
schooling is central to the creation and perpetuation of
this illusion- that happiness lies outside of us, and
specifically in the hands of those who have power."

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