Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Never too old to learn.................

A friend takes me along to this class he has been attending.
This day's speaker, Jack Kaine, is dedicated to making
negotiations more fruitful. That is an important outcome,
because, as Jack says, "anytime two or more people are
exchanging information with the intent of changing the
relationship they are involved in, they are involved in a

Below are a few of the things he said in the first five
minutes of his presentation that made me say, "whoa- I
need to be taking notes."

"There is always a better deal for all parties, if we work
for it, than is apparent at the start.......slow down, don't
be in such a hurry."

"Win/Win equals mutual gain, not equal gain."

"Enlarge the pie, don't just divide it. Add elements to
the negotiation."

"Make every negotiation personal in a positive way."

"Control a negotiation by asking questions, not talking.
First educate, then negotiate."

If every seminar was a 'fruitful' as this one, I'd be going
to more seminars.

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