Friday, April 2, 2010

The richest man in town.......

might not be who you think.

Posting about Sam Walton the other day made me think
of the book, The Richest Man in Town. This is another
of those small, easy-to- read, inspirational books that I
am so fond of.

To set the scene, the author, V. J. Smith, is minding his
own business while waiting in a checkout line at his local
Wal-Mart. He soon notices that the cashier, Marty, was
engaging each customer, by greeting them, asking how
they were doing, and actually listening to what they said.
As if that wasn't different enough, after each customer
paid, Marty was walking around his bagging station and,
while handing them their change or receipt, looked them
in the eye, shook their hand, and thanked them for
shopping at his store.

The book is the story of the impact that Marty's simple
humanity had on his customers, his community, and
the author.

As you may have guessed, Marty was the richest man
in town. Not monetarily, he lived in a double wide in the
local trailer court. His wealth was measured by kindness,
by relationships, and by love- given and received.

Marty shared three rules:

Relationships matter most in life.
Try to do a little more.
Only you can make you happy.

Simple acts of kindness and connection. Hopefully,
some day, they won't be so remarkable as to merit
a book.

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