Sunday, April 11, 2010

That was then.......

The north corner of East Main and North Second as shown
in a postcard dated May 6, 1909. The building is identified
in the small print at the bottom of the card as the H & S
Building and Knights of Pythias Temple. I suspect that
H & S stands for Hibbert & Scott. My very first visit to
Newark occurred in the Spring of 1966. My sister was
interviewing at Denison. As a ninth grader I got to come
along for the ride. We ate dinner at the Carousel Restaurant
which was located in this building (I think- that was a long
time ago). It was prom night, so we dined with many
well dressed and corsaged teenagers. I was impressed.

This is now.....

First Federal Savings and Loan's main office
located at the north corner of East Main and North
Second Streets.

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