Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Truth.............from Hugh Macleod

I have improved my days by adding my name to Hugh's
mailing list. A number of his drawings have been posted
previously. Today, I added his comments that came with
this drawing. Enjoy him yourself, both below and here.

"One thing I am grateful to my parents for, is that they
instilled a certain entrepreneurial optimism in me to
believe that yes, everything is possible, yet tempered
by the belief that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life. I doubt I
ever will.

I remember, just after finishing college, driving around
Houston with my father, running errands. I was starting to
line up interviews for my first "real job" out of university,
and it was stressing the hell out of me. The job I was
looking for i.e. an entry-level copywriting job at an
advertising agency, were (and still are) really, really hard to
get."Don't worry too much about it," said my father. "A job
that's easy to get, isn't worth having."Twenty-plus years
later, and I still have yet to see my father's piece of advice
proved wrong.

Thanks, Dad! Nice one."

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