Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Education of Mark Twain.............

"My school days began when I was four years and a half old....
I was sent to Mrs. Horr's school. Mrs. Horr was a New England
lady of middle age with New England ways and principles, and
she always opened school with a prayer and a chapter from the
New Testament; also she explained the chapter with a brief
talk. In one of these talks she dwelt upon the text, 'Ask and
ye shall receive,' and said that whosoever prayed for a thing
with earnestness and strong desire need not doubt that his
prayer would be answered.

"I was so forcibly struck by this information and so gratified
by the opportunities which it offered that this was probably
the first time I had heard of it. I thought I would give it a
trial. I believed in Mrs. Horr thoroughly and I had no doubts
as to the result. I prayed for gingerbread. Margaret
Kooneman, who was the baker's daughter, brought a slab of
gingerbread to school every morning; she had always kept it
out of sight before but when I finished my prayer and
glanced up, there it was in easy reach and she was looking the
other way. In all my life I believe I never enjoyed an answer
to prayer more than I enjoyed that one; and I was a convert

-Mark Twain, Autobiography

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