Friday, August 6, 2010

I liked her even before she wrote this post..........

Megan McArdle explains her reasons for buying a home
now, here.

Out with the craziness of 2003-2006:

"So if we're not looking at our home as a sort of get-rich-
quick-scheme-with-attached garage, why would we want
to tie ourselves down?"

In with the sanity of 2010:

"A nearly perfect house became available. The house
we're buying is on a street that I fell in love with the first
time I saw it. It's located close to Big Bear Cafe, the
neighborhood's single biggest draw. Many of our friends
live nearby. The engineer said he loved the house. We
can live in it immediately and renovate as we have the
cash. And the price is in a range that we can afford."

Thanks Megan.

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