Monday, August 2, 2010

Kelo v New Haven.....................

A little more than five years ago the Supreme Court ruled that
a municipality could exercise its right of eminent domain to
make land available for private development projects.  There
was significant backlash to that decision. provides a video explaining that backlash

I still have mixed feelings about the whole issue.  It would have
been nice if somewhere in the video they had mentioned that
eminent domain proceedings require the taker to compensate
the takee.

I do know that in recent eminent domain takings by the Ohio
Department of Transportation for roadway expansions in our
neck of the woods, the amount of compensation originally
offered the affected property owners seemed on the stingy
side.  Agreed the State has the right to acquire your property,
but they should not add injury to the insult by offering less than
fair and reasonable, or even generous, compensation.

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