Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Read a blog yesterday by Andrew Zezas titled "Passive Real
Estate Brokers.........Striving for Mediocrity".  Here.
I do not know Andrew Zezas, although I suspect he is a very
focused, disciplined, and successful commercial real estate
broker.  I felt convicted by a number of things he wrote.

     "You can always spot a passive broker in a
      crowded room.  They show up to important
      meetings dressed in
      colors, no tie, maybe a sports jacket, and worse!'

Ouch.   I wasn't sure what to do with the Zezas post.  And
then Jim Harrison came to the rescue.

I was first led to Jim Harrison by Cultural Offering.  After reading
one of Kurt's posts I acquired a copy of In Search of Small Gods.
The "wow" factor in Harrison's stuff is pretty high.

The Hammock Papers was on a Harrison kick Monday.  Especially
appreciated was his inclusion of The Paris Review interview by
Jim Fergus, in which appeared the following:

      "Conversing with the poet-novelist is somehow akin to
      watching his dogs work the cover for birds. They race
      off on tangents, describing broad loops and arcs, or
      tight circles, always returning in a controlled, if
      circuitous, pattern that is at once instinct, training,
      ritual, and play."

Hah!   This feels like how I work.  One would struggle to call
it disciplined, somehow has worked.  Off on tangents,
broad loops and arcs,  a controlled, if circuitous, pattern
that is at once instinct...and play.  That feels about right,
and after reading Zezas, a relief.

I won't be wearing that tie to work today.

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