Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wisdom about real estate investing.......

"In my experience the new 'private equity' is really the old 'private
equity that was sitting on the sidelines as real estate values ran
up in the late 2000's.  These investors stayed out of the feeding
frenzy and kept their powder dry for the eventual fall out."

- Tom Jaros


"We use an analogy of a three-legged stool that needs all three
legs to stand on its own - one leg is the credit of the tenant,
the other leg is the lease term and quality of the lease and the
third leg is the underlying real estate value and potential."

- Jeff Hughes


"Properties with an investment-grade tenant will receive
strong consideration from buyers, providing the lease term
has 10 to 15 years remaining."

-Alan Pontius


"If an investor buys a net lease they want predictability
of cash flow and predictability comes from a credit

-Jonathan Hipp

All four quotes courtesy of an article in the
Heartland Real Estate Business journal

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