Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Accentuating the positive.................

..........there is some good news out there.  Actually, lots of it.
For a really long list of things to be happy about go here.

A few quick samples here:

Economic output of the average American worker is 10 times
that in China. Americans won 30 Nobel prizes in science and
economics during the past five years. China?…just one

Violent crime in the U.S. declined during 2009 for the third
consecutive year. Reported property crime is at a 20-year low

Even as U.S. economic output (GDP) has climbed by more
than 210% since 1970, aggregate emission of six principal air
pollutants has plunged by 60%

During the early 1960s, the five-year survival rate from
cancer for Americans was one in three. Today it is two in
three…continuing to climb…and the highest in the world

For every dollar of U.S. economic output generated today,
we burn less than half as much oil as 30 years ago
Men’s contribution to housework has doubled over the
past 40 years, while their time spent on child care has

Roughly 47% of science and engineering degrees of those
ages 25 to 39 are held by women, compared with 21% among
those 65 and older

America produces more steel today than 30 years ago,
despite the shuttered plants and slimmed-down work force

The U.S. accounted for nearly one-third of the $1.1 trillion
spent globally on research & development in the latest data

Donations to charity were near the all-time high in 2009,
with nearly $304 billion donated by individuals, foundations,
and corporations. As a percentage of GDP, Americans gave
twice as much as the next most charitable nation…England.
In 1964, there were 15,000 U.S. foundations. By 2001, there
were 61,000

U.S. exports to China have risen roughly 24% per year since
2001, making China the fastest growing market for U.S. goods

The number of American volunteers rose 2.0% to 61.8 million
in 2008. Among young adults, the number of volunteers rose

Average U.S. life expectancy has reached 78 years (men 75,
women 80), the highest ever. This compares to 76 years in
1995, 68 years in 1950, and 47 years in 1900

Roughly 30% of trash was recycled or composted in the
latest year, versus 16% in 1990

A record 50.5 million foreigners visited the U.S. during

Thanks to my favorite economic futurist, Jeff Thredgold, for
the data.

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