Monday, October 4, 2010

Perceptions matter.....................

"....psychology matters a lot. It makes no difference what your
politics are. What matters is the widespread perception that
this administration is bad for business and bad for investors,
and that is what is causing this period of putting everything
on hold."

So opines Joel Ross on his blog at Globe Street, full essay here
Continuation of his rant here:

"Perception is reality. Like me, many people who started
with  nothing, and spent their careers working their butt off
and risking everything to succeed, are deeply offended by a
president who now vilifies our achievements, and wants to
take our hard earned money and redistribute it to all those
who did not do the things we had to do to get where we are.
Many of us with incomes over $250,000 earned every single
penny we have, we did not break any laws, we did not take
any government money. We just worked hard and sacrificed
to do it, and now we are very angry that the government in
power is attacking our achievements. That was the over-
whelming view I heard over and over at the conference,
and this was not a group of tea party activists nor were
they necessarily Republicans.

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