Thursday, November 11, 2010

Interesting take on the elections.......Part 2

The Trend Czar seems to be showing his true colors- blue- here.

"In the wake of last week’s determinative elections, it’s
interesting to take note of how progressive/conservative
voting patterns match up against the investment prospects of
various real estate markets and regions. Election junkies will
note that a sea of conservative red covers most of the U.S.,
especially in the South and Midwest with blue bastions concen-
trating along the Northeast and West Coasts as well as interior
urban centers like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Denver.

Take the analysis a step further, and you’ll note that the
entrenched top five Emerging Trends investment markets—
Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and
Boston—are solid blue. And among the top ten markets, only
Dallas and  Houston edge into the red zone."
"So it’s no wonder that real estate investors increasingly steer
clear of red areas where voters expressed their frustration
loud and clear over what appears to be more compromised
futures. It’s almost axiomatic, the redder the place, the more
capital wants to avoid it. Places that can attract intellectual
capital to innovate and spur new industry will perform better.
We’ve seen that over time for the nation’s 24-hour cities.
And that’s one trend that shows no signs of abating just like
the nation’s political divide."

I think the Trend Czar needs to get out and about more.

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