Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Tom Asacker on boxes.  "Forget the bull about 'thinking
outside the box.' If you want your passion to return, you've
got to start living outside the box.'   Full post here.

Bernard Goldberg on those darn genes"Stop whining already.
It’s boring. We don’t need more excuses; we need people to
take personal responsibility.  Full post here
(thanks to Maggie's Farm)

Mathew Ferrara on having fun at work. "smart companies today,
as always, find ways to have fun at work. People who enjoy
what they do affect those around them. Tough times demand
you have more fun at work. And not just posting a cute  You
Tube videos to Facebook. Having fun doesn’t mean throwing
a party; it means doing little things that can make people’s
day. Lending a hand. Praising someone’s work. Reminding
them you’re there if they need help. Simply saying thank you."
Full post here

The Hammock Papers on fly fishing and listening"....It's
beautiful. it's poetic, and it pleases me.  And it opposes
the intoxicative verbosity of an over-rated positively
mundane self-absorbed culture."  Full post here

The Friendly Anarchist on living an interesting life.  Full post here
"As far as I can see it, most of us want to live our lives
something like this:

But because we try so hard, because of attempting to
'play it safe', we unintentionally drown our interestingness
levels, and end up with a life like this:"

Thanks Penelope

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