Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some good news! A trend worth noticing................

Long time followers will recognize the photo below as an aerial of
the Newark, Ohio Industrial Park. For those of us who care about
the economic welfare of Central Licking County, this Park (and its
developer) is like a security blanket.  Lots of  buildings (47 at last
count), lots of diverse industrial companies doing business, and
thousands of jobs in those buildings.  For an interesting story and
more statistics go here or here or here.

There was a time when we worried about the future of the Park.
There seemed to be a growing trend in the 1990's for the
industrial users to close up shop, followed soon thereafter by the
conversion of the now empty buildings to warehouses.  Nothing
against warehouses, mind you.  Some of my best friends own
warehouses.  But, from an employment point of view, its the
difference between hundreds of job opportunities and a half
dozen.  Since the 1990's least 700,000 square feet of industrial
space made this conversion to warehouse usage.

The last four buildings to sell in the Park (two in 2008 and two in
2010) were empty industrial buildings.  

Now for the good news............

All four buildings of those buildings are being occupied by
industrial concerns that have significant employment.  Nary a

We can (and do) still make things in this community.  It is a fact
worth celebrating.  Go team!

Newark, Ohio Industrial Park

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