Saturday, December 11, 2010

Treasue hunting in the archives...........

Michael Wade, one of the great ones, suggested we look to the
archives.  This is one of my favorites, cut and pasted.

Some interruptions seek us and others are sought by us. It is often our choice as to whether speed is an ally or an adversary. The most onerous deadlines are those imposed by ourselves. Text messaging has given us a fancy new way to be rude. Some of the most arrogant people are also the most insecure. Few things are as enjoyable as an unexpected and kind note from a friend. One of the greatest challenges in business is discovering what interests other people. Beware of any rule that is written by those who are exempt from its effects. The more one studies communism, the more difficult it is to fathom how anyone ever believed it would work. As much as the marketing people would like us to think otherwise, new is not the same as improved. People never outgrow the need for toys. While pursuing happiness, it helps to stop and review the amount we currently possess. Glory in the stars of the blackest night. Savor the fresh beauty of early morning. Sip coffee slowly. Use candles. Remember that it is easier to find joy in small moments than in large achievements.

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