Sunday, January 2, 2011

On Sunrises and Project Blogging..........

Folks blog for many reasons, but considering the work and time
involved, it has to make a difference to them personally. 

Tigerhawk led me to his cousin Robin's blog.  Robin set a goal
to see every sunrise for a year, and to photograph and write
about it.  A year of getting up to meet the day is the result.

Dick Francis, one of my favorite mystery authors once wrote:

    "I had always loved sunrise: was always renewed in
     spirit. For all my life I'd felt cheated if I'd slept through
     dawn. The primeval winter solstice on bitter Salisbury
     Plain had raised my childhood's goose pimples long
     before I understood why; and it had long seemed to me
     that dawnworship was the most logical of primitive

Robin's blog combines the love of sunrises, photography, and
her dogs with a wise introspection about life its own self.  She
thinks deeply about what is going on within her, and around her,
and she writes well. 

    "Perhaps the process of growing up, changing, aging, is all
     just practice. Practice hanging on, yes, but also practice
    letting go. The key is to do all of it without ever giving up."

There is a book here.  Do yourself a favor and scroll through
her blog.  At least read the entry for New Years Eve, here.

For some reason, Blogger won't let me copy any of the
photographs from her blog.  Trust me, there are some glorious
sunrise pictures.  For instance here and here.

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