Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Truth wills out.................

".....But suddenly the conversation shifts when I finally ask Eddy
if, in fact, he doped.
     'Do you think I did?' he asks me.
     'I don't know,' I reply.  'I don't know you.  All I know is what
I've read and heard.'
     Hellebuyck hesitates.  He no longer looks like a man at home
in the world.
     'Yeah,' he says, 'I did it.'
For the next 25 minutes, Eddy Hellebuyck continues to confess.
On the bright winter afternoon, out of the blue of the desert sky,
he single handedly begins to break the code of silence shrouding
the use of performance-enhancing drugs in distance running...."
The above passage was excerpted from the excellent feature
article in the December issue of  Runner's World.  Full article
here.   It is an interesting tale of accusation, conviction, six years
of denial, and then confession.  Forgiveness and restoration?
Too soon to tell.

Please be advised that I am not an unbiased source here.  The
author, John Brant, has been my friend since first grade.  He is
also the author of  Duel in the Sun, a book worth reading.

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