Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Mighty E.........................Part III

If I had a deeper knowledge of art, these blog headers from
Eclecticity would be sorted into fancy and meaningful categories, 
and tagged with explanations and interpretations of what the
artist was trying to convey. But, I am not all that knowledgeable
about art, and when looking at the second header in today's
gallery, I just shrug my shoulders and conclude that coneheads in
trench coats make as much sense as anything else in this world
of ours.  

The creativity and energy involved in creating the 48 headers, 
displayed in this three part retrospective, amazes me.  I suspect
Doug changes his blog headers mostly to amuse himself, but
then he generously shares it with us.  What comes across most
to me is a sense of exploration, imagination, and playfulness.

A picture is worth a thousand words and as our boy says,
"Few Really Understand The Word Eclectic." 

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