Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3D..........the ultimate productivity enhancer

The Commercial Real Estate Revolution advocates BIM, or
"building information modeling".  A growing part of BIM is the
usage of virtual three dimensional modeling in lieu of the
traditional two dimensional blue prints and CAD drawings.

Never having experienced three dimensional building plans,
it was with great anticipation that I joined a group of local
folk who care about economic development in Licking County
 for a presentation at the Virtual Customer Integration
Laboratory (VCIL) at the Boeing plant in Heath.

Boeing has been doing great things with virtual manufacturing,
and is a leader in the collaborative use of 3D technology in
the manufacturing process.

Boeing is a bit proprietary about their stuff, so I have nothing
Boeing to share visually.  They did show us this video from
BMW.  The viewer does not need the fancy 3D glasses to watch.

I'm not sure how one measures the productivity gains that will
accrue from the increasing usage of this technology, but those
gains have to be enormous.

Pat Guanciale, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Licking
County Chamber of Commerce, strikes a pose while waiting to
take in some of Boeing's 3D virtual reality.

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