Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Residential real estate arbitrage?

Buy now:   here and here

Sell now:   here and here

Writing an entry for a single purpose blog every day must be a
daunting task.  The crew at Keeping Current Matters are doing
a pretty fair job of it.

Their blog is all about the buying, selling, owning, and brokering
of residential real estate.

One might think there is a conflict in advising folks to sell one day
and then advising them to buy the next.  One would be wrong.

There is no true national real estate market.  There are, however,
hundreds of thousands of local real estate markets.  Each such
market is comprised of hundreds, or thousands, of individuals
with differing needs and wants. Some need to sell, some are
thinking about selling.  Some need to buy, some are thinking
about buying.  There is no one uniform question and/or answer
for all these folks.  Accurate information and reasoned insights
into what sometimes looks like a chaotic mess, however, is
fairly helpful.

The KCM blog regularly offers pretty sound counsel to buyers,
sellers, property owners, and to the real estate agents who serve
 them.  If you are interested in the goings-on in the world of
residential real estate, check them out.

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