Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thomas Gainsborough born this day in 1727

Wikipedia says of the famed English painter:

"Gainsborough was noted for the speed with which he
applied his paint, and he worked more from his observations
of nature (and of human nature) than from any application
of formal academic rules. The poetic sensibility of his
paintings caused Constable to say, 'On looking at them, we
find tears in our eyes and know not what brings them.' He
himself said, 'I'm sick of portraits, and wish very much to
take my viol-da-gam and walk off to some sweet village,
where I can paint landskips (sic) and enjoy the fag end of
life in quietness and ease.'"
Self Portrait       1759

The Blue Boy    1770

The Composer Carl Friedrich Abel with his Viola da Gamba    1765

Landscape in Suffolk  1748

Johann Christian Bach  1776

The Harvest Wagon    1767

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews    1749

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