Sunday, June 12, 2011


Had the opportunity to play in the Midland Theatre's annual golf
outing Friday at the Longaberger Golf Club.  After an early
morning thunder shower, the sky cleared and we enjoyed a
beautiful afternoon on a beautiful golf course. 

The outing had a scramble format, which is a very civilized way
for us high handicappers to play.  Lots of laughs, enjoyable
company, and we ham n' egged it around the course to finish
four under par.  Honest.

John Griffeth (in the middle) is a partner by marriage and business
with Deana Martin.  Deana, who is Dean Martin's daughter, is
performing at 7:00 this evening on the Midland stage.  She and
John arrived in town a few days early.  John had a few
unscheduled hours so he joined us at the outing.

Interesting man with an interesting lifestyle.  He and Deana
travel the globe, spending 280 days on the road last year.  An
"if this is Newark, it must be Sunday" kind of life.  John said,
"Nobody understands what it is like for the entertainer.  She
works hard, very hard, and is very focused.  She is always 'on'."

Before he hit the road with Deana, John spent more than 20
years traveling the world directing the productions of TV
sports, including golf, for all the networks.  Driving the cart
between the sixth and seventh hole, I casually mentioned
that one of my goals in life was to follow the golf tour for one
summer and see the Masters, the Players, the Memorial, the
U. S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA Tournaments.
John's response was classic:

"Steve, this isn't a dress rehearsal. If you want to do it, do it."

Well, OK.  I may need some help with tickets for the Masters
(his advice:  just show up) from friends who live in that part
of the world, but game on!

It was an unexpected treat sharing the afternoon in a golf cart
with him.  A really good guy.   Thanks John.

Thanks Andrew for making it all possible.

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