Sunday, June 12, 2011

Louis Rukeyser........................

I haven't thought about Louis Rukeyser in years.  There was a
time in my life when watching Wall Street Week was a Friday
evening ritual.  Jeff reminded me of Louis with this:

Hah! I remember years ago I was watching an edition of Wall
Street Week and Louis Rukeyser.

It was a particularly tough time in the marketplace, lots of
volatility. So he turned to his esteemed panel of regulars, the
biggest brains in the investing community, and said to one of
them "So - is the market going to go up or down?"

And the very stately, well bred, and well fed gentleman


And that about ends our segment for today... :)

To honor that memory, here are two youtube clips of some
typical Rukeyser interviews (yes, he was that good).  There
are some great quotes here.  My favorite is at the end of his
interview with his father:

.........."by return to excellence."

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