Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baking pie........

Rick Platt is a champion of small town, industrial driven,
economic development.  He is passionate about his adopted
 Licking County community and has brought skill and vision to
his job as CEO of our local Port Authority.  He is also a pretty
fair blogger.

Last month he had a post about those who just want their share
of the pie (economic or otherwise), usually at the expense of
someone else.

We have long subscribed to the notion that fighting over slices
of the pie was a fool's errand.  Why not expend that same energy
toward baking a bigger pie?  How refreshing would it be for
us to hear from the current administration that they were shifting
their focus from taking and giving to growing.  Just dreaming.

Guy Kawasaki, in his very wonderful book Enchantment, says
it this way:

"There are two kinds of people and organizations in the
world:  eaters and bakers.  Eaters want a bigger slice of an
existing pie; bakers want to make a bigger pie.  Eaters
think that if they win, you lose, and if you win, they lose.
Bakers think that everyone can win with a bigger pie.

"Twitter made a bigger pie because anyone could provide
news and updates.  Southwest Airlines moved people from
cars and buses to airplanes.  Google wrested advertising
out of the hands of agencies and gave it to small businesses.
All these companies baked a bigger pie instead of eating
more of the same pie.

"Baking a bigger pie increases your trustworthiness and
yields these benefits:
      * People work together.  Even your competitors will
       work with you, because everyone can benefit, and the
       more people working on an idea the better the
       results for everyone.
       *The 'state of the art' progresses and changes.  If the
        pie stays the same, then progress comes to a halt.
        If the pie gets bigger, then new technology and
        ideas reach fruition.
        *Customers increase in number and diversity.  When
         a pie gets bigger there are more users of products
         and services.  With the democratization of computers
         and the Internet, more people used them, and many
         more people benefited.

   "As the saying goes, 'A rising tide floats all boats,' and
bakers are much more enchanting than eaters."

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