Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few snippets from...............

.....Walter Russell Mead.  His blog is a favorite stopping point of mine. Well written long form essays have been his traditional stock in trade.  About two weeks ago he added a "fast track", short posts noting news that is worth pondering, but not worthy of a  three page essay.  Do stop by.  A few excerpts for your edification:

I’ve written about this President’s instinctive lunge for the ‘sour spot’: the compromise that satisfies nobody and doesn’t solve the problem. That has defined his Middle East policy; it defined the health care bill. He has now chosen it, twice, for his economic model.

We shall see.
I’ve written before that Walmart is doing more for the planet than Greenpeace; this is just more proof. A ruthless focus on price and efficiency is the best way to reduce humanity’s environmental footprint.
Corruption, low salaries and the general malaise of post-Soviet Russia make things worse. Russia has been running on duct tape for twenty years, and now the duct tape is starting to fray.
This could be trouble. America’s basic strategy for coping with Chavez is to roll our eyes, sigh, and ignore. That will be harder to maintain if his successor is a drug smuggling crime lord. Should Uncle Sam send Hugo a card and some flowers?

Looks like Europe is still winning the competition for world’s most financially irresponsible major player. As I told David Sanger yesterday the US is fighting with Europe and Japan in this competition, but the latest from Italy suggests that Europe is starting to pull ahead.

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