Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weathervane and "The Good War"...

Faithful readers will know that my Sweetie and I are fans (and
season ticket holders) of the Weathervane Playhouse here in
Newark.  Here, here and here for a sample of previous posts
about this community gem.

Last weekend the troupe romped through Chicago, the finale of
the regular season.  And a good season it was with  Little Shop
of Horrors, 39 Steps, Big River, and Sound of Music rounding
out the playbill.

This year - a new tradition.  Starting this Friday, the Playhouse
will have the first of nine performances of  a musical
interpretation of Stud Terkel's oral history of The Good War
Jen Bender, a real live Broadway director, will  be in town to
direct the show as a way of honoring her friend, and ours, the
late Mathew Trombetta.  More information here.

Do plan on attending.

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