Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Y Bridge

My Sweetie and I went to the Y Bridge Art Festival in Zanesville
last evening.  Zanesville has a thriving "artist colony."  There are a
significant number of art galleries in the downtown and their
"First Friday" efforts have created a well attended "gallery walk"
through the area.  The local talent is diverse and impressive and
supportive of each other.  Zanesville is starting to use the "arts"
as an economic development/tourism tool.  Judging by their
recent efforts, they are having success.  While the festival offers
food, we walked to the Old Market House Inn and had a
fabulous dinner in air conditioned comfort (followed by desert
 at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl).  Mark it as a "let's go there" for next
August.  It is a fun evening.  Take your wallet.  The art is for sale
and  folks were buying.

The Y Bridge is a treasure in and of itself. 

Using it for an art festival is a stroke of genius. 

One leg of the Y closed for the Festival

The comfortably large crowd enjoys the talent on display

Chain saw art.  Who knew?

Fritz Raiser's water colors were my favorite

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