Saturday, December 31, 2011

One would be remiss............................ show the student's art work, without showing the teacher's.

Recently, a few of  N. C. Wyeth's better known illustrations were
posted here.  Truth be told, my interest in the Wyeths stems from
the fact that their home base of Chadds Ford is not all that far
from where I grew up.  It was Howard Pyle (1853-1911) who
drew N. C. Wyeth to the region. 

Pyle, besides being a pretty fair teacher, considered himself to be
an "illustrator," whose job it was "to fill out the text rather than
to make a picture of some scene described in it."  Pyle advised
his students to "throw your hearts into the picture then jump
in after it......; feel the wind and rain on your skin when you
paint it...."   

For further home study, here is a blog dedicated to Howard Pyle. 
For a quicker peek, stay here:

Then the Real Fight Began      1908
(from Pennsylvania's Defiance of the United States by H. L. Carson)

Morgan at Porto Bello    1888
(from Morgan by E. C. Stedman)

He Found the Captain Agreeable and Companionable  1894
(from Sea Robbers of New York by Thomas A. Janvier)

Once It Chased Dr. Wilkinson into The Very Town Itself
(from The Salem Wolf  by Howard Pyle)

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