Saturday, March 9, 2013

Harrison and Kooser............

     Ted Kooser is a son of Iowa, a once poet laureate, a book publisher, a professor, and an insurance executive.  He is also a long time friend of, and correspondent with, Jim Harrison.  Harrison is a Michigander, a poet, a writer, and so much more.
     While browsing in a local book store today (not as easy as it once was), I happened upon Braided Creek:  A Conversation in Poetry.  Over time, the correspondence between Kooser and Harrison evolved into an exchange of short poems.  Braided Creek is a collection of their exchanges.  The author of each brief poem is not identified, as the "book is an assertion in favor of poetry and against credentials."
     Enjoy a wee sample:

Sometimes my big front teeth bite
my lower lip and my food gets bloody.
What is this argument all about?

"Do you feel your age?" she asked,
so I squeezed my age till it hurt,
then set it free.

Rising from a cramped position 
before the fireplace I discover
that there's blood in my legs.

So much to live for.
Each rope rings
a different bell.

Winter knows
when a man's pockets 
are empty.

I was paralyzed from the waist up
for three months.  My feet walked me.
The birds all turned brown.  I fell
out of a tree I hadn't climbed.

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