Sunday, May 5, 2013

Winston on books............Part the Second

     Think of all the wonderful tales that have been told, and well told, which you will never know.  Think of all the searching inquiries into matters of great consequence which you will never pursue.  Think of all the delighting or disturbing ideas that you will never share.  Think of the mighty labours which have been accomplished for your service, but of which you will never reap the harvest.  But from this melancholy there also comes a calm.  The bitter sweets of a pious despair melt into an agreeable sense of compulsory resignation from which we turn with renewed zest to the lighter vanities of life.
-Winston Churchill, Painting As A Pastime

The Library at Chartwell

The Studio at Chartwell

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  1. Steve, it's been a while since I've stopped by and commented. Just wanted to say, this post and many others I read each morning, stop me in my tracks and get me thinking. I'm grateful on this Sunday morning to have found your blog and you. Have a good weekend. Dave

  2. Thank you David. In my wee corner of the Intertunnel there are many wonderful and amazing people. I count you as one of them.
    Best wishes, Steve