Saturday, December 28, 2013

On doing good deeds..................

"When you feel hurt because someone has been ungrateful for your kindness, it shows that you have been looking for gratitude, and this is a great mistake.  The true reason for helping another is that it is our duty to help others insofar as we can do so wisely; or because it is an expression of love.  Of course, love will not look for a quid pro quo, and to have done one's duty should be its own reward, remembering, if we wish, that in some other way the deed will surely be recognized.  The very fact that one is looking for gratitude means that he is putting the other person under a sense of obligation, and that person will probably get this subconsciously and resent it strongly, as such a thing is highly repugnant to human nature.  Do your good deed, and then pass on, neither expecting nor wishing for personal recognition."
-Emmet Fox, as excerpted from The Sermon On The Mount

Painting, The Runaway, by Norman Rockwell from 1958

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