Saturday, June 14, 2014

A few of my favorite things........................

Jeff goes old school:  ... the primary tools are still paper and pen. My preference is still quality over quantity… Do click on the Doonesbury cartoon to see the whole thing. Trudeau is a bit of a genius.

From Scott Adams' blog:  The creator of Dilbert is also a pioneer of "trigger warnings."  Read his just for the fun of it.   In the same place, you will find this addition to the gun violence debate:  "So let me state my position as clearly as possible:  I am pro-data."  Followed by this truism:  "And the data is incomplete."

Bits and Pieces:  Weighing in nicely on the "grammar police."  

From Cultural Offering comes two posts offering wisdom and guidance:  "A good agenda is poetry.and "a key secret to success in life is to NEVER be a victim."  

Nicholas Bate expands his vision of the Future:  The latest installment here.  My favorite from his second installment is:  #4.  Catch 22 is implemented. If you want to be a politician you are clearly not suitable and can't become one.

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