Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stopping by Alan Cottrill's.......................

Alan Cottrill is an extremely talented local artist.  Sculpture is now his game.  Magic occurred the first time he worked clay with his hands.  He must not be overly temperamental, because he welcomes folks to walk all through his studio and will chat with the stray visitor while working on a project.  My Sweetie and I like to stop by when we are in his Zanesville neighborhood, like yesterday.  It is always a treat.

The Old Mushroom Hunter

Newark icon, Howard Lefevre.  The life size sculpture welcomes folks to The Works

A bust of Howard Lefevre

Everybody's favorite president

I think he "caught" the essence of Woody Hayes, don't you?

Reaching Hands    Classic explanation below.  Love his attitude

Sculpture of miners is a favorite theme.  Here one reads while having lunch

Alan working on Brutus Buckeye while chatting with random visitors

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