Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some of the most fun writing......................

...................found in the Intertunnel today (that doesn't originate in the nether reaches of Maine) emanates from David Warren's High Doganate.  A brief taste from this essay:

"But getting back to our potato, I can detect no “attitude” at all. I have indeed been unable to discern much emotion, in any of the potatoes I have handled over the years. One gets more feedback from a live lobster; from potatoes, only the Sartrean ennui. But I would not wish to depreciate this one, the price of whose portrait is itself enlivening. Or one might, given the black sheet background, mistake it for the latest moon of Pluto, in which case the high-resolution detail increases the excitement."

Here is our $1.5M potato:

source of photo

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