Saturday, September 17, 2016

So enjoy yourself already.........

We live in a golden age now.   The volume of creative work in the next decade will dwarf the volume of the last 50 years.  More artists, authors, and musicians were working than ever before, and they are creating significantly more books, songs, films, documentaries, photographs, artworks, operas, and albums every year.  Books have never been cheaper, and more available.  Ditto for music, movies, games, and every kind of creative content that can be digitally copies.  The volume and variety of creative works available have skyrocketed.  More and more of civilization's past works - in all languages - are no longer hidden in rare-book rooms or locked up in archives, but are available a click away no matter where you live.  The technologies of recommendation and search have made it super easy to locate the most obscure work.

-Kevin Kelly,  The Inevitable:  Understanding The 12 Technological Forces that Will Shape Our Future

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