Thursday, August 10, 2017

Better than it has to be....................

     "One of the men I wrote about in my reporter days was Walt Disney - Uncle Walt, he liked to be called.  Now there was a man fizzing with intelligence.  Someone once asked him his 'secret' and he said this:  'Do something so well that people will pay to see you do it again.'
     "You can see how that credo fits his movies and amusement parks.  But how did Uncle Walt do it?  How do you amaze and delight people so much that they come back again and again?
     "Those questions were on my mind when I took my kid to see the Disney movie Snow White, decades ago.   There's a scene in that movie where Snow is standing beside a well.  And she tells a flock of doves that it's a wishing well.  She demonstrates, saying something like, 'I wish my prince would come.'  Then we see her from the bottom of the well, right through the water.  We watch her face, shimmering in the surface of the water as drops of water fall into the well and create ripples moving out.  Now imagine drawing a shimmering face reflected in water that's rippling out in circles.  Imagine how hard that would be, especially since this was long before computer animation.
     "Why would Walt Disney have his artists devote all those hours of labor on that one little segment?  If Disney had had a guy with an MBA on his staff, the guy would have said, 'Are you crazy?  Cut that water nonsense.  It doesn't add anything to the plot.'"
      ... "But Uncle Walt was not an MBA;  he was an artist.  And the water scene stayed in the movie.  Why?  Because it hadn't been done.  Because it was hard.  Uncle Walt was showing off.
     "And at that moment, sitting in the theater with my daughter, I realized what genius was all about.  That scene in Snow White whispers the secret of achievement...."  And he dropped his voice so low that I had to bend in to hear him:  "It's better than it has to be."

-Dale Dauten,  The Max Strategy:  How A Businessman Got Stuck At An Airport And Learned To Make His Career Take Off

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