Sunday, November 26, 2017

Opening Paragraphs...................

     In the following pages I design to give my adventures for the past twelve months.  What I set down, shall be chiefly those incidents which came under my personal observation.  My style may, perhaps, be objectionable, and the continued indulgence of the pronoun "I" may savor of egotism; but as this is my book I am writing, and my adventures I am relating, I shall ask no one's pardon, and offer no apology.  Many incidents herein will be well remembered by  thousands of Confederate soldiers, and their recall at this time and by this means, will, I know, be agreeable and entertaining.

-Decimus et Ultimus Barziza,  The Adventures Of A Prisoner Of War And Life and Scenes in Federal Prisons:  Johnson's Island, Fort Delaware, and Point Lookout;  By An Escaped Prisoner Of Hood's Texas Brigade

Ed. Note:  Latin students will recognize Decimus et Ultimus as "tenth and last."   Apparently his parents had run out of names by the time their tenth child was born.  Wiki here.

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