Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Don't compare.........................

     Sixth, with all good wishes of peace for your fellow man and woman, let your watchword by "What are the Joneses to me?"  Resist comparing yourself to them, and look away when you do.  If they're confused enough to blow their time and stretch their resources on an ever bigger house, even pricier cars, and ever more demanding jobs to pay for all this, the proper response is not envy but sympathy.  Sadly for them, they aren't fortunate enough to be surfers.  If they are surfers, they may be confused.  And if the surfer Joneses seem to have everything - including enviable regular surf trips to world-class waves, with photographs for your to see regularly on Facebook - well, gosh, I know, that's harder.  But maybe just focus on the waves near home and the very good life you have (and check social media a lot less).

-Aaron James,  Surfing With Sartre:  An Aquatic Inquiry into a Life of Meaning

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