Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Leave time.............................

     Fifth, leave time.  Don't blow a lot of time in mere entertainment, let alone get yourself tied up in some time-sucking, high-maintenance house, even if you can afford it.  Keep the schedule light, so you can be on it when the waves turn on.  When the waves are flat, or you're in a creative lull, seize the day to get miscellaneous tasks done efficiently, so as to free up more time for the most worthy activities.  Most important, in a world of long workweeks, of e-mail never leaving you alone, of "stacked" schedules and a zillion empty activities performed in the name of a supposedly "full life,"  the one thing to control is your time.  With vigor and virtue, protect it against an out-of-control, money-hungry, work culture that cares not about how much you surf, or your quality of life, and that threatens to devour it.

-Aaron James,  Surfing With Sartre:  An Aquatic Inquiry into a Life of Meaning

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