Sunday, June 24, 2018


In case you were unaware, Newark is blessed with the crown jewel of the Ohio State University branch campus system:  The Ohio State University at Newark.  In a fit of practicality and forward-thinking, the founders decided the The Central Ohio Technical College should cohabit the space.  It has been a very successful 40+ year partnership.

The joint campus looks something like this today.  It doesn't look exactly like
this because last year a second student housing dorm was built in  an area
situated in the upper right corner of this photo

Several years ago, an anonymous donor provided the campus with six sculptures of historical (The Great Contributors) figures sitting
on park benches.







About a year ago, a seventh sculpture was added:

The Wright Brothers

On our walk this morning, Rufus and I discovered that some new concrete work was done late last week.   Could be wrong, but it certainly looks like a site for an eighth "great contributor."   Any guesses on who?

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