Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A few of my favorite things.................

1.   Revisiting fatherhood.  Anna Manchin's essay, The Marvel of the Human Dad looks at the evolutionary need for the homo sapien  dad.  "Looking back at our pool of knowledge from 10 years ago and comparing it to what we know today, my conclusion is this: we need to change the conversations we have about fathers. Yes, some fathers are absent, as are some mothers, and some might be the inept characters of marketing ads or cartoons, struggling to work the washing machine or to look after the baby alone. But the majority of fathers are not these people. We need to broaden our spectrum of who we think dad is to include all the fathers who stick around, investing in their children’s emotional, physical and intellectual development, regardless of whether they live with their children or not."


2.   The Not-So-Simple Village Undertaker takes a leap of faith.

3.   I suspect optimists really don't understand pessimists (and vice versa),  All the more reason to read stuff you disagree with.


4.   Mike Munger talks "laws", "legislation", and muddy paths.   Do follow the link to the  "Pittsburgh left turn".

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