Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gone but not forgotten......

Dave Longaberger passed away eleven years ago today.
His contributions to our community are incalculable. The
employment, the opportunities, the philanthropy- it is
hard to know where to start.

I think what we miss the most is his vision, his attitude,
his strength of character, and his creative energy.

The following is taken from his book, Longaberger: An

"My vision is the good, old-fashioned kind, not nearly as
exciting as a divine revelation. My vision is the result of
hard work and burning determination. I've put in long
hours, and I've done a lot of thinking about solutions to
my problems. I think back to my past experiences. And
I think about where I'd like to be in the future and what
it will take to get there. I allow my imagination to wander
without limits. I think outside the box. This is where
people have said, 'There he goes again. Popeye just went
off the deep end.' Let them say what they want. I refuse
to allow them to restrain my thinking or dictate what I do."

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  1. Special people modestly credit hard work for their specialness. Did Dave's vision come from hard work or was it the other way around? Declaring hard work the reason for success tells others "If you worked as hard as I did you'd be special too." Dave, Jerry Rice, and Michelangelo layered hard work and determination on top of God-given talents.