Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Crisis of the American Intellectual

The nice people at Maggie's Farm insisted that I read a recent
essay by Walter Russell Mead.  I did.  It is worth reading- here.
A few excerpts here:

"Regular readers of these posts know that I think that the
world is headed into a tumultuous period, and that the United
States is stuck with a social model that doesn’t work

"Our culture of enterprise and risk-taking is still strong; a
critical mass of Americans still have the values and the
characteristics that helped us overcome the challenges of the
last two hundred years."

"Figuring out why so many of our intellectuals and experts
are so poorly equipped to play a constructive role - and
figuring out how to develop the leadership we currently lack -
may be the most important single thing Americans need to
work on right now."

 "It’s not just that some of our cultural strengths are eroding
as both the financial and intellectual elites rush to shed many
of the values that made the country great."

"But the biggest roadblock today is that so many of America’s
best-educated, best-placed people are too invested in old
social models and old visions of history to do their real job
and help society transition to the next level. Instead of
opportunities they see threats; instead of hope they see
danger; instead of the possibility of progress they see the
unraveling of everything beautiful and true."

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