Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's Verse

Sri Krishna to Arjuna:

     If you cannot become absorbed in me, then try to reach me by repeated concentration.  If you lack the strength to concentrate, then devote yourself to works which will please me. For, by working for my sake only, you will achieve perfection.  If you cannot even do this, then surrender yourself to me
altogether.  Control the lusts of your heart, and renounce the fruits of every action.

     Concentration which is practiced with discernment is certainly better than the mechanical repetition of a ritual or a prayer.  Absorption in God - to live with Him and be one with Him always - is even better than concentration.  But renunciation brings instant peace to the spirit.

     A man should not hate any living creature.  Let him be friendly and compassionate to all.  He must free himself from the delusion of "I" and "mine."  He must accept pleasure and pain with equal tranquility.  He must be forgiving, ever-contented, self-controlled, united constantly with me in his meditation.  His resolve must be unshakable.  He must be dedicated to me in intellect and in mind.  Such a devotee is dear to me.

Chapter XII:  The Yoga of Devotion
The Song of God: Bhagavad-Gita

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