Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whither the Cloud...............

Jeffrey Douglass, a real estate broker from San Diego, makes
a habit of always pushing the real estate brokerage envelope. 
That's OK.  It  needs pushing. His really good blog,, is here.

His latest post links to a 1000Watt newsletter.  Excerpts below:

"Apple let loose a bunch of things this week. But the announcement of iCloud is the one we think is worth thinking hard about."

"But iCloud will accelerate that by making the flow of data, media and connections between devices (your phone, your tablet, your notebook) seamless and effortless. No cables. No double entry. What we need, when you need it, where you are, on the device at hand."

"The real estate hook? Well, think about this:

The inventory brokers sell isn’t in an office.

The people buying that inventory aren’t going to be in an office or sitting at a desk - yours or theirs.

And, really, soon, your even your computer isn’t going to be in an office in any meaningful sense. The data, the docs, the operating system - all of it will live in the cloud. Everywhere, in other words. Not a server room. Not a desktop. Perhaps not even a local drive.

As you think about how you work, as you ponder your office leases, or think about how you recruit, recognize that “Mobile” isn’t just about smart phones and apps. It is about the rapid decay of a structure upon which your business has rested for decades.

Don’t be the last one to leave the building."

Wish my crystal ball wasn't so cloudy.

Thanks for the clouds Rob

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